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Homoeopathic Treatment of Fungal Infection (Ring worm) of Skin. It seems like the molecules of water tends to form clusters or organized patterns when frozen and viewed under a very special microscope, in direct relation to what it has been subjected to. If for instance water is subjected to a harmonious sound, you may find a pattern like on the left, and if subject to a cellphone frequency, the water crystals may look like the picture on the right.

Phoenix, there is no reliable cure for cancer, and no sane person would argue that there is. Even an idiot would chose a bad chance of survival over no chance of survival; and for serious problems like cancer, homeopathy gives you no chance of survival.homeopathic medicine

Thirst for large quantities 1. Urine Odour like spoiled eggs 1. Profuse, increased, with thirstlessness 1. Female Menses, in gushes 1; profuse, daytime 1, profuse, at night 1. Sexual desire increased 1, in morning in bed 1, from touch 1; violent, driving her to masturbation 1. Chest Conscious of heart’s action 1. Swelling of mammae before menses 3. Back Pain, > external heat 3; cervical region, < motion="" of="" head="" 1;="" lumbar="" region,="" at="" night="" in="" bed="" 1,="" at="" night="" when="" lying="" on="" left="" side="" 1,="">< lying="" on="" back="" 1,="" before="" menses="" 1,="" at="" beginning="" of="" menses="" 1;="" coccyx,="" after="" a="" fall="" 2.="" stiffness="" in="" morning="" on="" waking="" 1,="" when="" cold="" 1,=""> motion 1, like a stick 1; cervical region, from cold 1, during headache 1, before and during menses 1, from change of weather 1, from stormy, wet weather 1.

The Specific medicines used were Magnifera indica(prescribed to 4 patients all the 4 patients responded well) Mica (prescribed to 17 patients of which only 10 responded), Arsenic sulph flavum (prescribed to 7 patients of which 3 patients responded) and Psoralia Q (prescribed to 4 patients and all the four patients responded well).homeopathic medicine

It seems like many of the homeopaths talk about the vibrations of the active agents being imprinted on the water molecules, but if we were to use the assumption of the string theorist, that would mean that the vibration of the water molecules would have changed, and thus they would no longer be water molecules and would be something completely different.homeopathic medicine