Utah Health Services

A health department or health ministry is a part of government which focuses on issues related to the general health of the citizenry Subnational entities , such as states , counties and cities , often also operate a health department of their own. Partnership for Drug Free Kids Parent Coach Training Looking for 12-15 experienced parents who are interested in getting free, specialized CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) in being a volunteer parent coach for children with substance abuse problems.health department

Collective artists work alongside twenty 15-24 year old urban youth living in economically disadvantaged areas to collect stories, reframe and retell them using the arts, direct community engagement, storytelling, publishing and the Internet to promote a better educated, more peaceful and caring society.health department

The [email protected] 2014 event will be bookended by keynote lectures from two former U.S. Surgeons General: Dr. David Satcher, who will discuss building leadership teams to address critical public health needs, and Dr. Richard Carmona, who will discuss the future of tobacco control.health department

The School of Public Health and its community partners offered more than 25 events and activities, including a gymnastics exhibition by Gymkana, strength testing and other fitness challenges and health screenings for BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, oral cancer and more.

The Department of Health commemorates Cervical Cancer Awareness Month in September through awareness, education and mobilising women to access screening, treatment, care and support in order to improve the quality of life of women in South Africa and reduce maternal mortality.