Tips on Reducing Stress Through Playing Video Games

Are you feeling the pressure about now? How about your kids? If you are finding that there is more to be stressed out about then not to be there may be a solution that will take care of both you and the kids. What is this magical cure for relieving stress? How about playing some video games? That’s right, science has found that those who partake in video game play are less prone to stress than those who do not play games. Research has found that playing video games can lead to a quick reduction in your immediate stress levels. How could playing video games reduce your current stress level? Scientist have found that video games (actually, any game for that matter) act as a distraction and are great at getting your mind focusing on something else. While some people find reading and or meditation as a great distraction vessel, others are so stress that they can’t focus enough on anything other than their stress. Playing games, on the other hand, are more useful at reducing stress because you don’t have to quiet your mind first like you would have to do before actual meditation or even reading. Games are there and ready for you when you are in need of a stress reduction mechanism. It does not matter what type of games you play as long as it is a distraction from whatever is driving your stress levels. Even a simple game on your smartphone will work. Finally, research also discovered that people who regularly take part in game play have overall lower stress levels, are in a better mood, and perform better cognitively. Get you game on and start reducing that stress sooner.


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