The Cockroach ProposalSelling Insurance Across State Lines (5)

What many Republicans fear is that action on what they have long derided as Obamacare also matters a great deal to their base. I don’t know of any Republican Senators who believe that. Di beberapa negara di dunia, termasuk Indonesia, pelayanan kesehatannya tumbuh menjadi industri yang tak terkendali dan menjadi tidak manusiawi.

H. Pelayanan yang tidak berpandangan kepada salah satu aspek saja. Single-payer advocates believe that radical change is necessary, pointing out that the United States spends more on health care than any other wealthy country, with some of the worst health outcomes.

In the House, Representative John Conyers’s single-payer proposal has 114 co-sponsors, but it’s essentially a messaging bill that signals a political position but is not expected to pass. They would provide a broad, well-defined range of services, including primary care, with weekend and evening hours, telemedicine, basic pharmaceuticals and education for management of chronic illness.

To be able to deliver on its promises, single payer would not only require trillions in new revenue through higher taxes, but also huge cost savings from slashing payments to drug companies, doctors and hospitals. Countries that provide good primary care have better health outcomes and lower costs because they provide efficient care of common and chronic carehealth care

France, for instance, has health care for all that is largely state-financed, but most people also buy private supplemental coverage. There are a lot of consumer protection laws that states have passed that would have to be overruled or ignored,” said Rebecca Owen, a health research actuary with the Society of care