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It might give consumers more options — assuming insurers decide it’s worth going through that expensive process of setting up networks in new states. Many customers of the insurance exchanges here are young, middle-class families who rely on marketplace plans because they are self-employed or students, or they cannot afford the coverage offered through their jobs, Mr. Stevenson articles

Any struggling insurers left in those high-regulation states would also pressure regulators to loosen coverage requirements to push prices down. To evaluate the growing literature on the built environment and physical activity/obesity, we conducted a review of review articleshealth articles

But the central dividing line appears to be over how the federal government would help people purchase health insurance. That would leave behind older, less-healthy people in those relatively higher-regulation states, driving up average costs and making premiums less affordable.

Many people who buy insurance through the exchanges qualify for subsidies to help defray the cost. In other words, they want to allow a company in, say, lower-regulation Alabama to be able to sell insurance in higher-regulation Massachusetts, without having to follow Massachusetts’s laws about pricing or coverage.