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Primary Health Care of the Capital Area operate fifteen health clinics and four additional specialized centres in Reykjavik and vicinity. When we talk about cancer, the first thing to think about is the emotional background that, in homeopathic terms, is the very first expression of the illness and therefore the real cause of the problem, treating this real cause the probability for the cancer to come back is very low.

Chlamydia can cause a condition called nongonococcal urethritis (NGU) – an infection of the urethra (the tube by which men and women pass urine), epididymitis – an infection of the epididymis (the tube that carries sperm away from the testes), or proctitis – an inflammation of the rectum.

In order to succeed while treating a patient developing a hypertensive crisis, you need to follow the classical approach of the homeopathic method, which consists of 8 principles (Table 4). The homeopathic remedy should be chosen according to these 8 principles, in such a way that it fits as much as possible with the entire picture of the patient.

In a new study, scientists reported the case of an adult HIV patient that lost his HIV-specific antibodies or ‘seroreversion’ after six months of treatment with Nigella sativa and suggested the possibility that it might effectively control HIV clinichealth clinic

The third case is a 46 year old man known as hypertensive, not well controlled, he came to the emergency service with a blood pressure of 210/190, the emergency doctor started him on sodium nitroprusside and 5 minutes later his blood pressure was 220/195, the patient was very stressed and feeling that he was going to die, the emergency doctor gave him another dose of sodium nitroprusside but no positive effect was achieved; when I approached the patient, it was a very similar case than the first one; the patient was scared at home because of a joke of someone stealing his home and he started having a panic attack developing later the hypertensive clinic