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Find support and help support others on NAMI’s message boards. Personally I found the activity the perfect way to get to know new colleagues in an informal and friendly yet also focussed way (if our conversations started to stray from the main agenda then the next clue just round the corner soon got us back on track).mental health

Tibetan medical doctors, called amji (say: umjee, also written: amchi), learn to differentially diagnose the different mental states collectively referred to as ‘wind.’ Characteristic symptoms of srok-rlung include forced control of mentation (thoughts), urine, voice, saliva, posture, defecation, etc.mental health

Maybe it’s time for us to begin applying objective scientific measures and understanding of mental health from contemplative neuroscientific research to the ‘mentally ill’ and to all the rest of us. We may also consider consulting Tibetan medical doctors regarding compassionate and effective treatment of unusual mind states.

Our clinicians are psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and clinical social workers who are skilled in diverse treatment approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, group therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and medication management.

But, with a few self-help tools, some supportive friends and community, the knowledge of where to go for help early on, we may all take a role in our and our community’s wellbeing, leaving the expertise of medical interventions to those whose condition requires it.mental health