Drinking Milk Mixed with tea, Beneficial or Adverse?

Tea is beneficial to health. Tea benefits include antioxidants, repair damaged cells, smooth the skin, slimming, prevent cancer, prevent heart disease, reduce cholesterol in blood, blood circulation. So, do not be surprised if this drink is touted as a drink rich in benefits.

However, many are advised, so do not mix milk on the tea we drink. Although according to research conducted in 1998 and 2001, mixing milk on tea will not reduce the benefits of both.

Researchers found that milk does not interfere with the absorption of a tea compound called catechin, which is touted as a beneficial substance for the health of green tea.


But the 2002 study showed different results. The researchers found that brewed tea, when added to rat lab fat cells, increased insulin activity by more than 15 times. Adding lemon to tea does not affect insulin activity. But adding 50 grams of milk decreased activity by up to 90 percent.

A 2006 study yielded findings, the benefits of green and black tea on the heart were reduced when mixed with milk. “Consumption of black tea has proven to be beneficial for reducing the risk of coronary heart disease in the Netherlands, as well as in the United States, but not in Britain, because the British commonly consume black tea with milk mixed before,” said Cheng, the scientist who conducted the study.

Other studies conducted Cabrera prove, drinking tea with milk has no effect on catechin absorption, but may decrease the degree of antioxidants.


But more surprising results come from experts in Germany. Adding milk tea, they said, could “block” the ability of tea to dilate blood vessels and antioxidant benefits, two things that are important for heart health and cardiovascular system.

The study, published by the European Heart Journal, is attended by a team of scientists from the University of Berlin’s Charit√© Hospital. The study involved 16 healthy women who were required to drink half a liter of black tea daily, without milk, and only warm water as a control. Before and after drinking, these women performed ultrasound to see the stretching of blood vessels in their arms.


The result, blood vessels widen after drinking tea continuously. However, this function is connected when they mix milk in the drink. This explains why British tea drinking habits do not significantly affect their heart health.

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