US And Canadian Medical Schools Accepting International Students, Full Statistics

Dr. Suzanne M. Miller, a Harvard/Stanford MD, admissions expert, and best-selling author, has dedicated herself to helping pre-meds and medical students succeed in their journey to doctorhood. What is more, not every foreign medical school graduate may sit for the qualifying exam: if Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare deems that the foreign degree is not commensurate to Korean medical training, the degree-holder cannot sit for the exam.medical school

So, when I got a phone call from the dean of admissions at the University of Utah School of Medicine telling me congratulations and that I was one of the first five admitted into their Class of 2018, I can’t remember a time I’ve ever felt more loved and taken care of by my Father in Heaven.medical school

As of 2013, however, Korea decided to phase out the master’s degree program, and instituted the transfer program in order to provide a path to study medicine for Korean students who did not choose medicine as the undergraduate degree, but was intending to attend the master’s degree program.

Demonstrated by my previous post (and now and then in the past as well), as one progresses through medical training, ones threshold for what really makes the eyes jump out, the mouth gape open, and the insides curl up in a fit of terror keeps getting higher and higher.

At first, the timeline and examples in the book may seem daunting to emulate, but this reflects how competitive and how diverse top medical schools expect from their applicants to be. And on each of my five interviews, I met applicants who had backgrounds just as grandiose as those in the book, so it’s a good barometer for your competition/cohort.medical school