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UNI Student Health Clinic is hosting walk-in clinics on campus between September 27th and November 2nd. The 2013 study documented in the latest edition of the African Journal of Traditional Complement Alternate Medicine the complete recovery and sero-reversion of an adult HIV patient after treatment with Nigella sativa concoction for a period of six months.health clinichealth clinichealth clinic

Diets high in protein and cereal grains including wheat produce an excess of acidic build-up in the body which can cause an excess of mineral excretion from the bones, organs and teeth, which can affect bone health and fitnessI didn’t mean to. Don’t take it for granted.

According to this model the sequence of illness starts with the disequilibrium of the vital force, followed by manifestations at the level of the mind, and once the body is not able to cope with these manifestations it will express the physical problem.

The Active Health Clinic (AHC), located at the Stanley Ho Sports Centre, has been established by the HKU Institute of Human Performance to work with individuals who suffer from or are at risk of developing, inactivity related chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and osteoporosis.

For every 6,000 population, a Community Clinic is envisaged to bring family planning, preventive, and limited curative services closer to the population (within 30 minutes walking distance), with improvement in quality of services delivered from a fixed point round the year.