Uniformed Services University Hosts ‘Boot Camp’ For Prospective Surgeons (9)

Caribbean Medical Schools – Advantages and Disadvantages. But I did know that I had tried my best in all my classes, I had studied hard for the MCAT and felt like I had a good application, so there was nothing left for me to do except pray and trust that Heavenly Father was going to help me get into the medical school that was the best option for me and JP and our mission here on this earth.

Namely Yale School of Medicine is one of the medical schools that, in case of accepting any (even an international) student, would make sure that you can afford it, using a combination of a scholarship and an institutional loan, so if this is the school you are determined to attend, finances would not be a problem.medical schoolmedical schoolmedical school

You see, I just finished reading this post on someone’s blog that was wayyyyyyy too long and regarding controversial topics closely related to what I do. So my first thought was to leave him a rediculously long comment in return – not just for revenge, but also to stand out from all the other comments, then cleverly slip in my blog, which would be – and ask him to come and read it. But ah, nevermind.

Man, some of the predicaments people get themselves INTO, you gotta ask yourself ~ DUDE, your leg is oozing green shit, & there’s a 5 inch HOLE in it, and you just NOW thought you MIGHT wanna see the doc??~ and one last thought ( hey man, you put out a doozy of a post, expect to get a doozy of a comment) AMEN to individual healthcare ownership!!!

Thirdly, we watch House because he says everything my hubby wishes he could say (new attending, low on the totem pole still), and we watch Grey’s Anatomy in hopes that George will switch to medicine at some point (where he’d fit in much, much better).