Uniformed Services University Hosts ‘Boot Camp’ For Prospective Surgeons (12)

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On test day you’ve probably amassed a maximum of 5 hours of sleep (or even less, if, say your mom found a place near the testing center for you and friend to stay the night before that was a cross between the Bates Motel and your average inner-city crackhouse…hypothetically speaking, of course), you’ve had to think your way through all sorts of inane questions, and you’ve had to deal with all sorts of douche bags saying things like I just aced the physics section!” during the lunch break.medical schoolmedical school

Applying for medical school is a completely separate process, and so although applying for a medical college at the same university might slightly increase your chances of getting in, it is not really significant – therefore, you would most likely apply for several med schools at the same time.

Call it the Fake Doctor Jinx if you need to. After finishing the test, I literally walked out the door, down to the nearest liquor store, bought a (multitude of) 40(‘s), and proceeded to get wasted on the train ride back to campus with a few equally celebratory friends.

Ignoring the broader question of fate versus free will and randomness indicated by that first email, if only because I’m not stoned and therefore not adequately prepared to discuss such matters, I will instead humbly suggest that you read through this and perhaps less cynical accounts of medical school and decide for yourself.