The Arts, Sciences And Medicine (3)

As a doctor that focuses on the early detection of diabetes and heart attack risk, I see risk where a lot of other doctors might not. Those markers of insulin resistance can include acanthosis nigricans on physical exam (unfortunately commonly seen in my practice in adults as well as in teens!), abnormal lab values like elevated uric acid, GGT, high TG/HDL ratio, elevated blood glucose, low testosterone, low vitamin D.

The manifold increase in knowledge led to the specialization of medicine: in Alexandria there were not only physicians, but also dentists, gyneceologist and so on. Also, scientific medicine was not a phenomenon limited to Alexandria; one of Herophilus’ contemporaries was Erasistratus of Ceos, whose medical activities probably took place in Antioch, in the court of Seleucus I.medicine

And just this one factual error makes me seriously question the research in the rest of the book – in spite of the fact that I am almost positive that the information about typhus experimentation is solid.I wish I were able to recommend this book; but in the present edition, I just can’t.

Decent book By brenda Didn’t realize that this book pretty much centers around Jews having head lice really thought it would focus on some of the other experimentation that was preformed as well, still interesting read 5 of 5 people found the following review helpful.medicinemedicine

Caelius aurelianus, for instance, in the same passage where he reports the Herophilean description of a mental case, has DELİRATİO and Alienatio as Latin counterparts of two words used by HEROPHILUS in his pioneer work on psychiatry, but because he ragards the words as SYNONYMOUS, he reproaches Herophilus for unwisely juxtaposing them as if they had distinct meanings.