The U.S. has experienced a drastic drop in teen pregnancies, which many hail as proof of the effectiveness of an Obama-era federal grant program, NBC News reported. One measure stands out as a triumph, however: the extension of free personal care to under-65s with degenerative conditions. This means they have a vested interest in the results of the trial, which can potentially affect what the researchers find and report in all sorts of conscious and unconscious news

After the White House’s regulatory freeze pushed back RMP’s effective date to March 21, ACA and 20 other trade associations signed onto a coalition petition to Congressional leaders urging them to utilize the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to block implementation of this rule.

In the study, published in 2012 issue of the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the subjects receiving the ginger supplement reported a significant improvement in cognitive functions and an enhanced working memory compared to the placebo news

Wartman reports that 720 doses of naloxone should last about four months at the rate emergency rooms in the regions are seeing overdoses. Some health advocates say that even if the the company’s health claims are true, they are concerned that the product will hook a new generation of Americans on nicotine, halting the reduction of smoking rates in America, now at an all-time low.

Here’s a table of the top quartile, showing the 30 Kentucky counties with the most doses per person of opioid painkillers in 2015. In the 2015-16 school year, the Frankfort schools, with an enrollment of 735, reported 47 events of harassment, a rate of 6.4 percent, while the Franklin County Public Schools, with an enrollment of 6,131, reported 312, a 5 percent news