Penicillin Homeopathic Medicine

Homoeopathic Treatment of Fungal Infection (Ring worm) of Skin. C) COUNSELLING: – This is the most important factor in the treatment of skin diseases because only internal medicine and local applications are not enough unless we create conducive atmosphere for our medicine to act. My one slight issue with it is that when looking at whether homeopathy might work, you have not mentioned the placebo effect (or maybe I missed it?).

Excessive hair growth or hirsutism is a painful experience, as women are very sensitive towards their physical appearance. Your blog looks very intesting with much information which is useful regarding homeopathy. Please take a dose just 2 pills of silicea 200c and wait for 15 days.homeopathic medicine

I have gone through your mail.I suggest you to take a dose (4 pills) of ALUMINA 1M, take only single dose and don’t take medicine daily. Some people seem to be trying to invoke quantum physics as a way to explain that homeopathy works, and as a physicist I’m quiet appalled.homeopathic medicine

Most effective in cases of Hyperemesis gravidarum VOMITING OF PREGNANCY (give early in morning before patient gets up). NO DOUBT that doctors are offered bonus’ for handing out drugs. Heart beats rapidly at 5 P.M. Pressure around the heart in the afternoon. Also I have taken Oleum Jacoris 3x from a Homeopath in powdered form.

Many other conditions can result in these symptoms, so laboratory tests are necessary to determine their cause. Feels a crushing and squeezing pain through body as if from cold. Hirsutism is caused due to hormonal imbalance; it can be caused due to abnormally increased level of male hormones (androgens).homeopathic medicine