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Everything you need to know about mental health and illness including treatments, support, and how you can help yourself. A component of this blueprint is the Singapore Mental Health Study For policymakers, the eventual findings will provide a wealth of information that not only describes the mental health landscape but will also give that high-quality baseline data to track the trend of the mental health of the population over time, as well as to help evaluate some of the initiatives of the National Mental Health Blueprint.mental health

Third, the common co-existence of medical and mental health problems means people with chronic physical disorders ought to be screened for mental problems and, by the same token, mental health specialists should routinely assess their patients for physical health problems; and a close collaboration between these groups of health professionals is necessary.mental health

For that matter, we did not have accurate estimates of the number of people with mental disorders who were receiving treatment, nor had we identified the barriers to care, and we did not know what were the social and economic costs of these mental disorders – all of which is necessary for the rational allocation of limited resources and the shaping of better-informed policies.

Warning signs: Early warning signs are similar to those seen in other addictions – lying to hide alcohol-seeking behaviour, neglect in physical appearance and day-to-day activities, sleep-related difficulties, and frequent emotional arguments with family and friends.

When it wound down recently as the funding came to an end none of the young people (age 16 – 25) involved with the project was happy to see it go. Peer support projects like these are extremely valuable, as the first port of call for a young person struggling with their emotional wellbeing is friends and family.mental health