Mental Health Month

If it is an emergency, call 9-1-1 or go to your local emergency department. For the first half of the twentieth century, with a period of deinstitutionalisation beginning in the late 1960s psychiatric social work succeeded to the current emphasis on community-based care, Psychiatric Social Work focused beyond the medical model’s aspects on individual diagnosis to identify and address social inequities and structural issues.mental health

Our department – the only department dedicated to mental health in a school of public health – brings together leading researchers across multiple disciplines joined by their passion for understanding, preventing, and treating mental health and substance use disorders.

This would include the use of Internet and telephone-delivered therapy, which has the advantage of alleviating fear of loss of privacy and confidentiality, but more research is needed to evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of such non- face-to-face therapies in the local population.mental health

The main findings of the study are that mental illnesses are not uncommon in the Singapore population, the onset of these illnesses is relatively early in life, the majority of individuals with mental illnesses do not seek help, and among those who seek help, there is a considerable delay before doing so.mental health

Athletes may be at increased risk, according to research by Lynette Hughes and Gerard Leavey of the Northern Ireland Association of Mental Health, who found that factors such as injuries, competitive failure and overtraining can lead to psychological distress.