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Varicocele is a condition in which dilated, or widened, veins in the scrotum cause the veins to fill up with blood, resulting in a painful and unpleasant problem which can result in serious health problems. The association of a medical school with a shrine might have been inspired by the formal cultic organization within which activities at the Alexandrian Museum were carried on, and it might also have been encouraged by the Roman authorrities in this province.medicinemedicine

Though medical technology and clinical expertise are pivotal to contemporary medicine, successful face-to-face relief of actual suffering continues to require the application of ordinary human feeling and compassion, known in English as bedside manner.medicine

A particular stimulation pattern, for instance, is designed to apportion a dose of energy from liver to be expressed through a specific meridian upon an external point on human body, and then to redirect the expressed energy by making lung more susceptible to energy transfer through signaling it via a specific meridian.

For example, Demetrius of Apamea studied the sexual organs, shifting in this area the focus of interest, which under Herophilus had been the description of reproductive physiology, to the treatment of ailments, Mantias, another important respresentative of the school, was probably the greatest pharmacologist of Antiquity; it seems he was the first person to prepare, describe and classify medicines obtained by combining several ingredients.

Bordeaux, France – People with the metabolic syndrome were significantly more likely than others to experience a decline in cognitive function, independent of previous cardiovascular disease, depression, or APOE genotype, in a study of generally healthy adults aged 65 and older who were followed for four years 1 In particular, hypertriglyceridemia and low HDL-cholesterol levels were associated with declines in global cognitive function, and diabetes was associated with deteriorating memory.