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Vitality is a philosophical posture which explains life as it is, for many people this is a peculiarity; since the development of technology (biologically, chemistry, thermodynamics etc.), life has been assumed and explained from a very materialistic and mechanical point of view; nevertheless, life has not been set up by these kind of laws that humankind has found and developed, anyway all these technological developments are useful to explain and understand some natural and pathological processes from the body like the physiological and the anatomical but not life indeed.

If you base your prescription on these 8 principles and you look for the real cause of the illness (emotional component) and not just get blinded because of the consequences of the illness (physical symptoms and therefore diagnosis of the illness), you will be able to prescribe a homeopathic remedy that will achieve what Dr. Hahnemann though us in the first paragraph of the clinic

I started this patient on Aconitum napellus7 0/6 Plus, 10 minutes later he was more relaxed but the blood pressure was increasing, therefore I repeated the medication and 5 minutes later I repeated it again, after that the blood pressure decreased to 180/120 and remained stable for the next half an hour time when I gave him the next and last dose of Aconitum napellus, 20 minutes later his blood pressure remained stable and there were no more emotional symptoms clinic

Homeopathy could be described as an art more than as a science because homeopaths develop a great intuition and insight to get all the symptoms with accuracy, as an example, when someone suffers of headache it could have many variants so the homeopath has to patiently look for the exact symptoms to treat to be sure that the remedy chosen is the correct for that clinic