How To Make Sticker (DOME STICKER) From Various Sticker Materials

Dome Sticker or embossed sticker is a sticker coated or coated with a special resin of clear color like a crystal so that the surface is convex, and because the optical effect looks as if it is 3-dimensional, or as an object arises.

This domestic Resin, whose ingredients and formulas come from the US, can be used for multiple functions. In addition to stickers embossed, a lot of media that can be given effect with this resin,

such as key chains, pins, chest name, name tags, etc. depending on your creativity. Domestic resign in addition to function strengthen the sticker so it is not easily damaged, also to give the impression of elegant and exclusive of coated objects. The specialty of domestic Resins is its immense durability for both indoor and outdoor use.

From the domestic resin field trials it can survive for 3 years for outdoor use, with only a relatively minimal oxidation reaction. And another feature of Dome Stick resin, the surface is very flexible so it is suitable to be applied to elastic-like objects, such as stickers for example.

You are wrong to assume that all resins can be used for name plate to arise. For those who have already experimented with resin materials that are found in chemical stores with a fairly expensive price, would be disappointed after trying it because the result is far from satisfactory,

the surface is easy to dull and break easily, because actually resin on the market is specifically used for hard media, such as wood or metal and limited to the use of finishing touch only.

Here are some Tips and Tricks to make stickers arising from a variety of sticker materials.

Pay attention to how, maybe there is one of them that you want to try practice. If you are interested in purchasing Dome Stick, sticker resin sticker is elastic, please contact us in :