Holistic Medicine, Alternative Therapies, And Natural Remedies

The Center for Holistic Medicine provides a network of medical doctors and licensed professionals integrating holistic, traditional, complementary, alternative, allopathic and functional medicine all under one roof. Whether it’s been an Ironman or other athletes/triathletes, kids, cancer patients and survivors, fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraine/headache, and low back pain sufferers, clients recovering from surgery (including hip and knee surgeries), constipation, sciatica, emotional stress, traumas, and conditions, muscular dystrophy, and many other various diseases, conditions, and imbalances.

While this had much improved medical practice by defining with increasing certainty the pathophysiological basis of disease, a single-minded focus on the pathophysiological had diverted much of mainstream American medicine from clinical conditions that were not well understood in mechanistic terms, and were not effectively treated by conventional therapies.

Of course, a holistic practitioner looks beyond a battered body part to the whole body; looks beyond the body to the mind and spirit; looks beyond the individual to the body politic of which they are an intimate part; and, if responsible, looks at the body of pertinent scientific evidence as well.holistic medicine

Poor sleep can cause, and/or compound depression; poor sleep invariably lowers pain thresholds, making things hurt that otherwise might not, and things that would hurt anyway, hurt more; poor sleep leads to unrestrained and emotional eating; poor sleep leads to hormonal imbalances that foster hypertension, insulin resistance, and weight gain; and poor sleep saps energy that might otherwise be used for everything from social interactions, to exercise.

Mindfulness Training cultivates a greater quality of life for those who practice it. It helps with anxiety, smoking cessation, relaxation, emotional regulation, relationships, athletic / creative performance, body awareness, confidence, task efficiency, task ease, study skills, concentration, compassion, and an overall zest for life!holistic medicineholistic medicine