The Food and Drug Administration has made a major move by approving the first gene therapy ever available in the United States. The researchers found that over two decades, Appalachia and the rest of the U.S. saw improvements in seven of the eight health measures examined: deaths from heart disease, cancer and stroke; infant mortality, the supply of primary care doctors, education levels, years of potential life news

Exposure to talc causes talcosis (talco-silicosis or talco-asbestosis if talc is contaminated with silica or asbestos fibers, respectively); inhalation of talc usually results from occupational exposures during talc mining and milling and during production of ceramics, pharmaceuticals, paint, paper, cosmetics, plastics, roofing, rubber, insecticides, and other products (3).health news

Three decedents had a history of subcutaneous silicone injections and likely were erroneously assigned code J62.8 as the underlying cause of death. Premature deaths are 40 percent higher in rural Appalachian. Taking a big bite of a hot dog nearly killed a 9-year-old boy in Turkey, but it was a rare heart disorder, not choking, that triggered the close call, a new case report reveals.

But other health researchers support the move to a safer product: If you have a company willing to shift to a less harmful product, is that something we should be getting in the way of?” Jonathan Foulds, a smoking cessation expert at Penn State, told news

Kentucky’s poor health is hurting its economy, and the state needs a smoking ban and a big increase in its cigarette tax to prevent disease, Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky President Ben Chandler told a legislative committee Wednesday. The U.S. has experienced a drastic drop in teen pregnancies, which many hail as proof of the effectiveness of an Obama-era federal grant program, NBC News reported.