Genetic variations linked to illnesses less likely to endure in people who live longer, who in turn are more likely to pass on their genes, new research suggests. The remaining two thirds of silicosis deaths were coded as J62.8. Among silicosis deaths reported for 1999-2013, manufacturing or construction industries, both of which are known to be associated with exposures to silica-containing dust, were frequently listed on death certificates for these decedents.

Finally, increased recognition of drug-related deaths, improvements in testing, and reporting of deaths involving drug use might have contributed to the high frequency of reported multiple drug use and drug overdose among pneumoconiosis deaths due to talc.

Attorney General Andy Beshear recently announced a program that will help residents in four counties safely dispose of prescription drugs at home, noting that 80 percent of heroin users begin their addiction through prescription drug abuse and that misuse often starts when a person has access to unused newshealth news

Newly emerging occupations and tasks, including fabricating and installing quartz-containing engineered stone products and extracting natural gas by hydraulic fracturing also place workers at risk for silicosis.¶ Approximately 2.3 million workers might be exposed to respirable crystalline silica in the United States.

As a health insurer, we have a responsibility to do what we can to address this health epidemic and we are committed to making a significant difference to our members,” Deb Moessner, president of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Kentucky, said in the news