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The U.S. has experienced a drastic drop in teen pregnancies, which many hail as proof of the effectiveness of an Obama-era federal grant program, NBC News reported. The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky is offering a workshop to help businesses learn how to implement smoke-free policies in their workplaces Aug. We adamantly support New Hanover and Brunswick counties in their request for the state to demand, not urge,” Chemours to immediately stop discharging unapproved substances into the primary source of drinking water for a quarter million news

Truth Initiative’s website also refers to a series of industry initiatives, including sending free cigarettes overseas to troops as late as the 1990s (the U.S. Department of Defense no longer allows this); sending troops Marlboro racing-team caps and playing cards, among other things; and leading a Christmas-card campaign that features cards that resembled Marlboro news

Finally, increased recognition of drug-related deaths, improvements in testing, and reporting of deaths involving drug use might have contributed to the high frequency of reported multiple drug use and drug overdose among pneumoconiosis deaths due to talc.

This event targets physicians, physician assistants, nurses, social workers, therapists, mental health administrators and other interested health care professionals. Various occupationally associated pulmonary diseases are linked to exposure to silica and silicates, a large class of minerals that includes talc (hydrous magnesium silicate) and other nonfibrous silicate minerals (1).

Examining detailed information on causes of death (including external causes) and industry and occupation of decedents is essential for identifying silicosis deaths associated with occupational exposures and reducing misclassification of silicosis news