Health Insurance With A Warranty? (10)

BlueCross BlueShield of Oklahoma has released a statement reminding its clients that generic drugs can contribute to lowering the overall costs of health insurance, especially for patients. For these structures, individual employers must obtain separate stop-loss insurance policies, either from a stop-loss carrier or direct from the captive. Geisinger is perfecting a new method of health care that rewards doctors for taking better care of their patients, rather than the traditional way of paying them for the sheer number of patients they can see and the special treatments they get.

The biggest push back by committee staffers was centered on the fact that the ACA does not require that self-insured employers cover essential health benefits (EHBs). Self-insurers and captive insurance companies have good stories to tell for sure, but that is not enough to have real political influence in Washington, DC.

Ed Royce (R-CA) to NAIC president Kevin McCarty and CEO Therese Vaughan requesting clarification of exactly how this collection of insurance regulators is defining themselves. It often contains an operating room visits, physician and surgeon charges, prescription, prosthetic limbs, laboratory tests, treatment and movement of ambulances and insurance

As part of this obsession they are trying to stamp out any possible complication and have now latched on to the theory that the growth in the number of smaller self-insured group health plans will create adverse selection in the health care marketplace and therefor will threaten the viability of the exchanges when they come online in 2014, absent the law being overturned by the Supreme insurance

The City of Winter Haven has a new program to offer prescription drug savings to residents who have no health insurance, a traditional benefits plan or have prescriptions that are not covered by insurance. Any ineligible expenses or expenses in excess of the benefits shown on the health insurance card should be settled directly by the health insurance card holder directly with the hospital or insurance