Health Insurance Strategies (5)

Membership Handbook Better Health, Better Performance BUPA Health Insurance. While technically true that the NAIC cannot mandate state compliance with any. Should the Tri-Agencies correctly conclude that the self-insurance marketplace effectively regulates itself already and therefore no further federal intervention is needed, then perhaps this congressional source had it insurance

A twist on independent contractors and non-combinable entities is outsourcing employees to another organization to keep your number of core employees closer to 50. Outsourcing non-core functions – from HR to accounting to shipping is easier than insurance

Granted, California’s legislation is targeted at smaller employers, which a small segment of the overall self-insurance /alternative transfer marketplace. Stop-Loss Insurance Regulatory Developments Spill Over into the Captive World. The reason for this growth, of course, is that small and mid-sized employers are clamoring for solutions to better control the cost of providing quality health benefits for the their workers.

These benefits are subject to time limits, and there is a guaranteed maximum dollar. But more people seem to be paying attention now because of the organization’s mission creep” at both the state and federal level. Real Reform: Covering those without health insurance.

It is important to note that while SB 1431 in California only applies to stop-loss policies sold to employers with 50 or fewer employers (small group market definition), the Affordable Care Act provides that states may apply to redefine the definition of small group market up to 100 employees in 2014, which California and many other states will most certainly insurance