Health Insurance Strategies (10)

About 150 comment letters have been submitted to date and the talking points are largely predictable. In the unlikely event that you incur charges in excess of your benefits or the expenses are from ineligible benefits and you do not settle these directly with the hospital or in the event of the treatment for your pre-existing conditions that we are made aware later, we will invoice you separately.

Real Reform: Strengthening North Carolina Residents’ Financial Security. That’s because individual self-insured employers are the essential building blocks” for the viable variations of group captive structures. This blog has been reporting for some time about how stop-loss insurance with lower attachment points has attracted negative attention from state and federal regulators.

The Affordable Care Act has provisions to treat multiple businesses as one entity. To put a finer point on this description, the brokers have been making more political. The Affordable Care Act is another reason some businesses will be looking at classifying people as 1099 independent insurance

The potential for increased stop-loss insurance regulation is another indirect effect of the ACA, but it is the most important development to watch. In case you had any doubt about the end game the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has in mind for self-insurance nationally, you simply need to look at what is happening on the left insurancehealth insurance

As a standard -setting” organization rather than a private non-profit organization, as it has previously cited its 501 ( c) (3) status to distance itself from exercising any regulatory authority, thereby enabling the NAIC to sidestep open meeting and Sunshine law requirements.