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Membership Handbook Better Health, Better Performance BUPA Health Insurance. So with that in mind, industry lobbyists have been making the rounds to congressional oversight committees to encourage that they become engaged on this issue and request that the agencies stand down now that the RFI process has been concluded and there is no smoking gun” which would justify new regulatory action.

While there have been grumblings about NAIC’s organizational structure and status for some time, it is now getting more attention largely because of the establishment of the Federal Insurance Office and health care reform implementation requirements, which have insurance

A twist on independent contractors and non-combinable entities is outsourcing employees to another organization to keep your number of core employees closer to 50. Outsourcing non-core functions – from HR to accounting to shipping is easier than ever.

And taking a longer view, the potential premium volume associated with health care risks could easily eclipse premium volume connected with P&C-related liability if the captive insurance marketplace figures out how to effectively respond to market insurance

While the push to restrict the ability of smaller employers to obtain stop-loss insurance continues to play out in California (see two previous blog posts), the feds are taking a closer look at how the availability of stop-loss insurance facilitates the growth of the self-insurance marketplace, and what that means for health care reform insurance