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Thus, to the extent that they really do try to repeal and replace Obamacare with something like the set of ideas they’re currently considering, I think they’re going to find out the hard way that not only is health reform a challenge, but it is one they haven’t articles

This means that those currently receiving credits in the ACA exchanges would get smaller credits under the proposed changes, while families with incomes above 400 percent of poverty, who get no credits under the ACA, would get a credit under the articles

And the gains were not concentrated in left-leaning parts of the state: Utah County, where nearly 60 percent of voters are Republican, experienced a 26.7 percent enrollment increase through the end of December, Mr. Stevenson said, while Salt Lake County’s enrollment grew by only 2.3 articles

Other positive outcomes include the fact that hospitals have seen a significant reduction in uncompensated care, but that reduction has occurred almost exclusively in the 32 states that opted for Medicaid expansion (including D.C.), which makes sense as low-income, uninsured people are those most responsible for uncompensated hospital care and are most likely to be covered by the expansion.