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The latest news in Healthcare IT – straight to your inbox. The latest news in Healthcare IT – straight to your inbox. Indigenous dialysis patients say too many people are dying lonely deaths away from their families because they cannot be treated in their home communities. All but eight states have reported cases of West Nile in people, horses, birds or mosquitoes this year, the department said.

After deployment, rural residents are more to go back to towns where there are not a lot of health care services. For verification of Print Subscriber offers (e.g. epaper, Digital Access, Subscriber Rewards), please input your Print Newspaper subscription phone number and postal news

Kentucky’s poor health is hurting its economy, and the state needs a smoking ban and a big increase in its cigarette tax to prevent disease, Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky President Ben Chandler told a legislative committee Wednesday. The U.S. has experienced a drastic drop in teen pregnancies, which many hail as proof of the effectiveness of an Obama-era federal grant program, NBC News reported.

To fight the opioid epidemic, Kentucky doctors, legislators and health-insurance companies are working to limit the prescription of painkillers. This report begins to identify key health challenges confronting Appalachia,” ARC Federal Co-Chair Earl F. Gohl said in the news

In measure after measure, the Central Appalachian region—including Eastern Kentucky—faces greater health challenges, and gaps are widening at a faster rate, than in the rest of Appalachia and the nation,” Chandler said in the news release. When it comes to health, Appalachia is falling farther behind the rest of the nation, and the part of the region dominated by Kentucky has the poorest health news