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When a man is in the midst of a sensual encounter, whether with a partner or solo, he expects things to go a certain way. PHC merupakan hasil pengkajian, pemikiran, pengalaman dalam pembangunan kesehatan dibanyak Negara yang diawali dengan kampanye masal pada tahun 1950-an dalam pemberantasanpenyakit menular, karena pada waktu itu banyak Negara tidak mampu mengatasi dan menaggulangiwabah penyakit TBC, Campak, Diare

In addition, restless leg syndrome can also be found in patients with chronic renal failure, diabetes mellitus, anemia deficiency (lack of) iron, Parkinson’s disease, peripheral nerve disorders (peripheral neuropathy), osteoarthritis (arthritis), pregnancy, after taking a sedative, in the in therapeutic drugs such as caffeine, calcium channel blockers (one of the hypertension medications such as amlodipine, nifedipine), lithium.

We also train health students and professionals at all levels through our three family medicine residency programs, two free clinics, the New York State Area Health Education Center System, (AHEC), Community HealthCorps, and by placing students and volunteers at our health centers and community-based program sites.

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