Egg donor – how to find her?


Infertility is a growing problem amongst more and more couples. One of the main reason for this situation is number of women’s medical conditions named collectively a female factor. In Vitro Fertilization with egg donation is a solution for those couples who struggle with infertility due to these conditions that cannot be overcome. It’s a great opportunity for the female patients to be able to have a healthy pregnancy and be able to enjoy motherhood. However many couples wonder how to select a right candidate for the donation and whether it may be too complicated for them. That is why we give you the comprehensive info on the donation and donor selection as well as walk you through the process.

What is egg donation?

Today the most universal and effective treatment for the infertility is In Vitro Fertilization. It involves combining both male and female reproductive cells in laboratory conditions and then transferring the resulting embryos into patient’s uterine cavity in order for them to nest. In the most basic variant of the procedure the egg and sperm cell for fertilization come from partners trying to have a child. However sometimes they need to use donor cells. In cases of impaired ovaries, premature menopause, anovulatory cycles, poor quality of eggs or their deterioration due to advanced age as well as in cases of risk of passing down genetic disorders, doctors recommend use of donor egg in the IVF procedure. Thanks to this any problem that prospective mother has or any chance of genetic mutation resulting from it will not be included in the equation. Instead the specialists performing IVF make use of healthy eggs from young and positively verified donors which increases significantly the odds of successful pregnancy and healthy baby which is extremely rewarding after years of struggle.

How to find a donor?

After  a diagnosis and a recommendation for In Vitro Fertilization with egg donation the couples are not on their own. Most good clinics offer the choice of candidates for egg donors. They are usually young women who need to meet rigorous criteria and be verified in terms of physical, mental and genetic health, no history of illness in family as well as right body mass and positive attitude towards the process of egg donation and contributing to building a family. The clinic offering IVF with ovum donation is required to ensure the thorough examination of possible donors as well as the safety of the procedure therefore patients can be confident that using donor egg will effect positively their attempts.

Donor selection

Thanks to the databases run by clinics the prospective parents can choose the donor accordingly to their preferences based on criteria regarding the looks of donor, her socioeconomic background or features such as blood type. Parents-to-be tend to select donors sharing their appearance (eye and hair colour, race or other parameters) in order for the future child to share some of their phenotype and simply look similar. It is of course not a general rule but it happens often. The patients are provided with the information on donors and decide on the most suitable for them. However the choice can be insufficient for some couples because the clinics have the data on only limited range of donors at their disposal. That is why services such as Egg Donation Friends face even the most specific needs or most demanding patients by combining the available databases into one base allowing to browse and select from donors from different places worldwide available in selected  world’s best IVF clinics. Therefore the couples can decide on IVF abroad or find the right donor for them. Besides the search options available in the service made the donor selection so much simpler. Via easy form potential parents choose features they would like the donor to have and are presented with the list of candidates meeting the criteria. Among the information included in the search there are: donor height or weight, race, education level, blood factor and group, eye colour as well as hair colour and texture. Depending on patients’ needs eggs of selected donors are available as fresh or frozen. The search tool for donor selection is used by thousands of satisfied patients from around the globe and it is available at Visit Egg Donation Friends to learn more. Donor selection has never been so easy!