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Membership Handbook Better Health, Better Performance BUPA Health Insurance. Equally unfortunate is that many stakeholders who will oppose SB 1431 2.0” will likely concede the central principle once again of whether stop-loss attachment points should be regulated at all and immediately begin negotiating the numbers and insurancehealth insurancehealth insurance

Most recently, we commented how developments in California (see previous blog post) portend a new round of attempts to restrict access to stop-loss insurance across the country by smaller employers…again, the key components for group benefit captives.

This blog has commented previously about how the self-insurance/alternative risk transfer industry needs to get its act together if it wants to exercise the same amount of political power in Washington, DC as many other industries of comparable size.

In the unlikely event that you incur charges in excess of your benefits or the expenses are from ineligible benefits and you do not settle these directly with the hospital or in the event of the treatment for your pre-existing conditions that we are made aware later, we will invoice you separately.

While industry observers have been fixated on the NAIC ERISA & ACA Work Group over the past year as it has been looking at updating its stop-loss model act – which presumably would bump up attachment point requirements – this blog is starting to think a little misdirection is at work here.