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Membership Handbook Better Health, Better Performance BUPA Health Insurance. Congressional critics of self-insurance, presumably prompted by traditional health insurance industry lobbyists, were able to slip in provisions at the eleventh hour requiring federal studies on self-insurance. Health care reform has had the effect of driving up health insurance premiums, thus prompting more interest in self-insurance and potentially group captives as we have discussed.

And just in case these insurance commissioners do not feel sufficiently motivated by NAIC orthodoxy, the health insurance industry is happy to provide the necessary nudge, which is the second factor in play on why self-insurance (via stop-loss insurance) is in the regulatory crosshairs.

So far, Geisinger is finding that quality improvement may actually reduce overall costs. Flashing back to 2009 as health care reform legislation was being developed in Congress, early drafts included restrictions on the ability of employers to self-insure based on size.

In short, pay close attention to these developments and be receptive to opportunities to advocate for the ability of smaller employers to purchase stop-loss insurance without artificial attachment point restrictions and/or other inappropriate regulatory hurdles.

By reasonable we mean that the charges are not more than those normally charged by the majority of hospitals or clinics for such treatment or services. Gather as members of the NAIC, they are not considered a governmental or public body, but rather are a private insurancehealth insurancehealth insurance