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Caribbean Medical Schools – Advantages and Disadvantages. Yes, they look kind of stupid and you might be mistaken for a Van Der Slutwhore Danish beast from time to time, but they are pretty comfortable and you can move your feet in and out of them while standing for seven hours doing nothing during a Whipple procedure Of course, I should note that after emitting such a strong and foul odor from your socks after taking them out of the clogs during the surgery, you will find that clogs also great for running away from people too, as you will no doubt be desperately fleeing from your angry residents.

I don’t think this would qualify you as equally competitive as US citizens – definitely not at schools that do not offer any financial aid to internationals – because, remember: most US schools (i.e. all except the 10 listed above) do not give any form of financial aid to internationals, and so anyone going there must have their own source of money.medical schoolmedical school

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Regarding your other question – I definitely agree that this would be very valuable to have, though I have not been able to find this info anywhere and honestly, I doubt there is such information compiled/available – once the students are admitted, there is no reason why the schools would keep track of the admission stats for international students separately.medical school

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