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Dr. Suzanne M. Miller, a Harvard/Stanford MD, admissions expert, and best-selling author, has dedicated herself to helping pre-meds and medical students succeed in their journey to doctorhood. Relatively few colleges in Korea have a separate admission track for international students, but there are several schools that do. The international admissions requirements-including whether or not you qualify for the international track-are different for each school.

This pretty much assures that, as was the case on the admissions committee I was in last year, no adult faculty member will have any clue whatsoever on how to interpret the score you get on this, so all you have to do is refrain from drawing a stick figure and you’ll be fine.

Of course, every patient thinks he or she is the most important patient there, and who is anyone to say they are wrong…I guess what I’m trying to say is, I have yet to see a doctor not busting his or her ass day in and day out, but given the medical establishment as it currently stands, it is really difficult to make it through the day without detaching yourself from the patients and still having enough left over to come home and be at least moderately functional.medical school

I’ve lived in the US for 3 years as an elementary school kid and another year as a researcher after graduating medical school, and I always liked it… the people are generally friendly, I didn’t feel they were xenophobic to foreigners… the laid back attitude of most people.medical school

And while I work in a store filled full of complex chemicals compounds no less dangerous than the latest perscription medications, it never fails that someone will come in and buy a protein powder based on which one has a picture of a guy with the biggest muscles on it.medical school