Better Labs For Better Health (3)

Creating effective collaboration between policy and research. Extremely rare Fewer than 5 thousand cases per year (India) Preventable by vaccine Treatable by a medical professional Spreads easily Requires a medical diagnosis Lab tests or imaging always required Medium-term: resolves within months Swine flu was first recognised in the 1919 pandemic and still circulates as a seasonal flu virus.better health

NHMRC Partnerships for Better Health – Projects (Partnership Projects) will provide funding and support to create new opportunities for researchers and policy makers to not only work together to define specific research questions and undertake the research, but also to interpret and implement findings relevant to the delivery, organisation, funding and access to health services.

Desperate clients who have not had success in filling positions through the (highly motivated) big agencies will turn to boutique ones, hoping that their sheer force of personality will cover for the flaws that make their hospital’s hiring difficult.better health

Face detection weaknesses are particularly striking during physical education lessons, as the children change into their PE kit and some take off their glasses, thereby removing a feature on which a prosopagnosia sufferer would rely on as a distinguishing visual clue.

A recent study on lighting environments in the workplace demonstrated that workers in windowless environments experience poorer sleep quality, shorter sleep duration, and more frequent sleep disturbances as assessed by self-report and actigraphy (measurement of movement) recordings than people experiencing typical daytime light levels.better health