Better Labs For Better Health (2)

American healthcare reform debates are focused on strategies to provide access” to medical services for all. For more information about the research and evidence behind each of the programs, visit the Stanford Patient Education Research Center. For example, smart” LED lightbulbs can be programmed to adjust intensity and wavelength based on the time of day. New companies such as Nomad Health are poised to revolutionize the gig economy for physicians.better health

That being said, the alternative of physician burn out, early retirement, and flight from clinical medicine is not acceptable. Digital Health Week (November 13-19) is an annual celebration and recognition to how digital health is transforming the delivery of care across the country as more and more of our health care system becomes digital.

With obesity levels being at an all time high, the epidemic of type 2 diabetes is growing at an alarming rate, and will only get worse. Hand hygiene for better health in schools – practicing good hand hygiene, using soap and water, is one of the most important ways to reduce the spread of infectious disease.better health

How we make sure all of our patients receive care that is of an equally high standard, wherever and whenever they are treated. One day I hope we’ll have a locum tenens quality website, but for now I can offer you my N=1, case study” experience. Through community outreach programs including healthy living classes, cooking demos and workshops, BHBL’s goal is to help people to implement better health practices into their daily lives.better health

It leads to the different working efficiency in the day time. For example, using redshifted lighting at night may be beneficial for humans and other mammals, whereas broad-spectrum light is appropriate for daytime indoor lighting. Some common conditions related to overweight and obesity include: premature death, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, some cancers, and diabetes.” Eating healthfully and exercising can help regulate your BMI.