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American healthcare reform debates are focused on strategies to provide access” to medical services for all. Although the ability to flood the night with bright electrical light was a remarkable technological achievement, this technology was enthusiastically adopted prior to an understanding the importance of biological rhythms on our health and performance.

Several large-scale epidemiological studies demonstrate that social jet lag (a shift in sleep schedule that many people experience during their days off, compared to work days) and night shift work may contribute to metabolic dysfunction and elevated body mass index (BMI).better healthbetter healthbetter health

The term circadian is from the Latin, circa which means ‘approximately’ or ‘about’ and diem which means ‘day.’ If individuals are left in constant conditions such as a dark cave, then the internal circadian rhythms emerge—and they are not exactly 24 hours—hence the term, circadian.

At Better Health East Bay we apply a common sense, data-driven approach to help prevent and treat illnesses like breast cancer and cardiovascular disease, and improve the overall health and well-being of the diverse communities that call our region home.

This report focuses on four areas of the health system in which reforms, and innovations would make the most difference to the future of the Indian health system: oversight, public health service delivery, ambulatory curative care, and inpatient care (together with health insurance).