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We are testing a new beta website for go to new site. To that end, we feel strongly that limiting medications to those only truly necessary, as well as making sure that patients can demonstrate safe-use of their medications (or have a caregiver who can do this for them), can reduce hospital readmission rates, falls, unwanted drug side-effects and accidental drug-drug interactions.better health

Animal studies have reported that exposure to very low levels of light at night (5 lux—about the amount of light from a child’s night light 2 meters from your face), causes a host of problems for these rodents including increased risk of some types of cancer, impaired immune function, deranged metabolism, and alterations in cognition and mood.

We also provide online resources like health-related articles, delicious, healthy recipes, a directory of Baltimore-area community gardens and family farms, a listing of restaurants, cafe and grocers with healthy food options and a discussion board to answer any questions people might have.better health

Photo Advent calendars, where personal memories recorded in pictures, replace the calorie bombs, which traditionally hide behind the 24 doors, are an exciting alternative to chocolate Advent calendars Zero-calorie calendars have a growing fan base in the United Kingdom and Ireland.better health

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