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Better Choices, Better Health® (BCBH), Better Choices, Better Health®-Diabetes (BCBH-Diabetes), and Better Choices, Better Health®-Arthritis (BCBH-Arthritis) are the online versions of the internationally recognized self-management programs, developed and tested at the Stanford University Patient Education Center. This is a short video of how the test works, demonstrated by some occupational therapists having a good time with it. In one fell swoop, this test checks vision, reading comprehension, pharmaceutical knowledge, manual dexterity, attention, and short term memory.better health

When I give a client a D” rating, that means a hospital or employer that is so bad, you have concerns for your medical license or don’t feel ethically comfortable with what they are asking you to do. These are nightmare assignments and must be carefully avoided.better healthbetter health

Though still not fully understood or recognized by many in the medical profession, chronomedicine is important, the authors argue, for several reasons, among them: illness symptoms can vary by time of day, and the hour of day can affect diagnosis and treatment.

According to researchers, the results suggest that an antioxidant drink diminishes cardiovascular risk associated to hyperhomocysteinemia in Alzheimer’s patients.” A previous study on the higher rates of cardiovascular disease in children with a genetic condition causing extreme elevation in homocysteine levels supports the results of the researchers.

At first she was very thorough with spending time in rubbing the facial products deep into my skin and her shoulder and neck massages were so relaxing…but after the second session she stopped with the neck and shoulder massages and barely spends any time rubbing the products in. I went to her about 3 or 4 times after that disappointing 2nd session and it never went back to what it once was:( So disappointed.