An Insider’s Guide To The MCAT (2)

Caribbean Medical Schools – Advantages and Disadvantages. Faculty from the USU-Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) Department of Surgery , the USU anatomy and radiology departments, along with surgical residents from WRNMMC, conducted the Surgery Boot Camp to provide the students with the knowledge and technical skills necessary to be immediately successful as they begin their post-graduate surgery training.medical school

The students, Navy Ensigns Utsav Patwardhan, Elise Sienicki, Mathew Christian, Yarrow Sheldon, and Alexander Kersey, along with Army Second Lieutenants Nathan Bastien and Brook Pari, were all headed to military surgical residency programs following graduation from medical school.

I have worked with residents and also with Med students, and you are right they do say some stupid things, but they give all of us that are in the field something (or someone) to talk about other than what interesting case you saw today on a patient.

Working in pharmacy I a VERY small taste of what you go thru, when it comes to patients who dont take their pills, patients who take pills for the fun of it, those who expect pharmacists to be doctors (sure love, hope up on the counter, spread em, and I’ll see what causing that funny discharge).medical school

Yes, that’s exactly what that means – you have your practice as an MD, but also spend hours doing research; proportion usually depends on you (some MD/PhD’s even do only one or the other, but that’s wasting years of studing for something you don’t end up doing, I’d say).medical school