An Insider’s Guide To The MCAT (11)

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Dr. Miller’s personal experience and expertise shine through and the examples provided – of personal statements, AMCAS work/activities, secondary essays, and letters of intent – are all from real-life applicants – many are from traditional pre-meds but also a good number are from non-traditional applicants.medical school

I have clients with 4.0 GPAs and MCAT scores in the 40s who sought my services after they did not get in. It seems like everyone has impressive grades, important research experiences, interesting extracurriculars, and life-changing community services and clinical experiences.

If she’s not pre-rounding on her patients by 5 AM, then she’s going to get her ass kicked out of that program faster than you can say Doogie Howser As someone who had to experience this morning routine for six weeks, only a fraction of what a true surgical resident has to endure, I was still fuming at the sight of this televised blasphemy, if only because my non-medschool friends start giving me crap about why I don’t have any free time because the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy seem to have all the time in the world!”.medical school

In the last two weeks, the soon-to-be surgeons did an American Board of Surgery In-Training review, and covered surgical sign-out, nutrition, conducted a stent lab, reviewed chest tube placement and removal, nursing calls, deep vein thrombosis, electrocardiogram reading, and interpreting arterial blood gases, dealing with myocardial infarctions, bleeding, pulmonary embolus, tachycardia and atrial fibrillation.medical school