Alternative Medicine

Yes, there is an alternative treatment for heart disease! Alternative medical systems incorporate many of the different practices listed above into their treatments. Magnetic field therapy may not be safe if you’re pregnant , have an implanted cardiac device, use an insulin pump , or take a drug given by patch. Some healing treatments — like acupuncture or herbal medicine — are not part of conventional medical training.alternative medicine

In medicine, a placebo is a treatment that only works because people think it will. No associations between CAM use and breast cancer-specific or total mortality were observed. Researchers have shown that folic-acid deficiency can also cause something far worse: severe birth defects.alternative medicine

Reidman International Center (site in Hebrew), [email protected] , Reidman International Center has six campuses throughout Israel: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Kineret, Beer Sheva and Eilat. Homeopathy World Community is a website dedicated to health concerns and news related to homeopathy.

I have also posted on Janglo and have used other free websites and social media. These alternative medical systems are entire fields of theory and practice, and many date back earlier than the conventional medicine we use in the West today. In addition, whilst Nefesh B’Nefesh makes every effort to update the information on this website, Nefesh B’Nefesh does not guarantee the accuracy and currency of such information.

There have been considerable increases in the number of people using common forms of complementary and alternative medicine, such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture , and massage therapy. In 1963, Samuel A. Levine, a highly respected cardiologist at Harvard medical school, asserted in The Atlantic that exercise was harmful for patients with heart disease.alternative medicine